About Tushar Sir (Author- Tax Expert Book)

Mr. Tushar shah is the Proprietor of Shah Computer Class, Running Computer class since 2000. He has completed B.Com, M.Com, MSW,P.G.D.C.A Etc.

A In Feb-2013, Tushar Shah has published “TAX EXPERT” Book after complition of 16 years of Teaching Experience .The benefit of TAX EXPERT Book is that all the Students can learn “TAX EDUCATION” easily from this book.

Mr Tushar Shah is also Involved in Taxation Practice. Having Good Practice in Income Tax/TDS & GST Client.

  • Senior Level Position
  • Make Promotion in Job
  • Work as a Part Time Consultant
  • Work as a Full Time Consultant
  • Independent Business or Profession Handle Independently

About Purvi Madam (Author- Excel Expert Book)

Mrs. Purvi Shah is the Propritor of Shah Computer Class, Running Computer Class since 2007. She has completed B.Com, and P.G.D.P.E from Ahmedabad.

In 14th Feb 2014, Purvi Shah has published “EXCEL EXPERT” Book after completion of 8 Years of Teaching Experience. The Benefit of Excel Expert Book is that all the students can learn “Advance Excel Formula and Macros” easily from this book.

An Aim of Writing a Book is that people can learn easily from home and get the benefited.

Following benefit of Advance Excel Course

  • HR Recruiter Level Job
  • Senior Level Job
  • Specially for MBA Finance Student
  • Those who are Engage in Finance Industry

Team Members

REKHABEN – (Admin-Counselling)
Rekhaben is working in our institute since the year 2008. She has an Experience of more than 11 Year in Counselling and administrative work. A blend of sheer dedication, smart work and effective interpersonal skills is what she brings to our team. She plays an important role in the business that includes client set up and company secretarial services.

KALPANABEN – (Senior Faculty)
Kalpanaben Jinger is working in our organization since 2013 and have an experience of teaching Computer Topic Basic/Tally/D.T.P/Autocad Etc. Her thirst for knowledge drives her to take on challenges outside her professional qualification. She is quiet capable of handling work pressure and completing her tasks with minimal supervision.

NILAMBEN – (Semi Senior Faculty)
Nilamben Mistry is working in our organization since 2017 and have an experience of teaching Computer Topic Basic/Tally. She has built a good bond with students in a very short time and is very flexible.

DARSHNABEN – (Junior Faculty)
Darshnaben has working in our organization since for 2018 and having experience of Explanation of Computer Topic Basic/Tally and Major Plus point is that at the earliest time acquiring so many skill and upgrade himself fastly.

TAUKHIRBHAI – (Senior Hardware & Networking Faculty)
Mr Taukhir Ali has working with our organization since for last 2003 and having Tremendous Knowledge of Hardware-networking and Thin Client Technology He has trained so many students and Maintain Our System Administrator and Providing Hardware and Networking Consultancy Also Given.