IF Unregistered Dealer ask I want to take GST Registration Number then which Number is suitable for the dealer having two option

  1. Regular Dealer
  2. Composite Dealer

What do You Mean By Regular Dealer: if You are Dealing with Registered Dealer and whatever you invoice a dealer getting Input Tax Credit then you have to choose Regular Dealer or If you want to get Government Project or Contract then also Regular Number is Preferable But, If your dealing is Consumer or End User or URD, then you have an option, and your turnover is below 1.5 cr then you have to opt Composite Dealer

The benefit of Regular Dealer is Getting Input Tax Credit
The advantage of Composite Dealer having 1% out outward sales
Document Required for GST Number for Individuals
Pan Card
Aadhar Card
Electricity Bill for Ownership or Rent Agreement for Tenant
Cancel Cheque
Gumasta or MSME License

Note: GST Number generally time frame is 15 days but in 90 % case will be issued before seven days if the document is missing or improper then department issue show cause notice and we have to reply for the advice within the stipulated time is ok then issue the GST number otherwise cancel the application of GST registration number

Date 07/12/2019
Written By: MR Tushar Shah (Shah Computer Class)(Author/Tax Consultant)
(Live Training of Income Tax/TDS/GST)
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